How the Recent Election Could Affect the Multifamily Industry

While it’s still early on in the new presidential term, owners and investors are trying to test the waters and understand how the multifamily industry will perform with Donald Trump as president. Every election cycle has an affect on the economy in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), unemployment rate, inflation, and other important economic statistics. Whether Trump’s affect will be positive or negative remains to be seen, but it goes without saying the real estate world will see and feel the consequences of his actions and policies. 

In a recent Forbes Magazine article, KC Sanjay, leading economist and analyst for Axiometrics, sums up how Trump’s emphasis on creating jobs, growing GDP, and tax reform might impact the multifamily/apartment sector. If you’d like the read the two-page article in its entirety, you can click here, or on the link provided below.

 How The Trump Presidency Could Impact The Apartment Market 

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